Social Media Isn’t for My Company

So you say social media isn't for your company?  Most companies, most successful companies, are taking advantage of all the benefits of social media marketing.  However, there are a few that are still trying to avoid this uncomfortable change.

One of the number one reasons that we hear as to why companies are not utilizing social media marketing in their everyday business is that "it's not for my company."  As we have entered the new year of 2017, I can assure you that your competitors, no matter what industry you are in, are online and using social media marketing in some way or form.

Although change can be scary, do you really want to allow it to influence the success of your business?  Think about it this way... when was the last time that you personally picked up the Yellow Pages to search for a solution to your problem?  Today, people turn to their smart phones, their lap tops and the world of online search.  If you do not show up on the first page of search results for the keywords representing your business, you are in trouble.

Social media marketing helps your business rank higher in Search Engine Results. So when your prospect is searching for a solution to their problem, they find you and not your competitor.

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