Playboy Leaves Facebook after Data Concerns

Late Tuesday, Playboy issued a press release announcing its withdrawal for Facebook.  Playboy had multiple accounts on the social media platform that held a total of about 25 million fans. Playboy becomes the latest company to join the #DeleteFacebook movement after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. ”The recent news about Facebook’s alleged mismanagement of users’ data has…
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How to Download Your Facebook Data File

Facebook just can't seem stay out of the news the last few weeks for mishandling user data.  The most recent scandal to come out is that Facebook is logging and collecting more data than you realize on their website and apps. Specifically -- your phone calls and text messages. WHAT?  YES -- FACEBOOK IS RECORDING…
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Facebook Users Can Now See All Your Paid Ads

The latest roll-out from facebook to further show transparency when it comes to paid advertising now involves regular users being able to see all your paid ads just by visiting a tab on your Facebook Business Page. "Aligned with Facebook's goal to be transparent about the ads that are published on the platform, you can…
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