Facebook Users Can Now See All Your Paid Ads

The latest roll-out from facebook to further show transparency when it comes to paid advertising now involves regular users being able to see all your paid ads just by visiting a tab on your Facebook Business Page.

"Aligned with Facebook's goal to be transparent about the ads that are published on the platform, you can now view the ads a Page on Facebook has running. By looking into the active ads of a Page, you'll have insight into all ads the Page may have running regardless if you are in the intended target audience," says Facebook.

Don't worry too much yet.  This is just a test that is currently being implemented in Canada.   According to Facebook, these extras views will not be marked against your impressions, budgets or ad spending.  However, Facebook states that they have also put into place an algorithm that specifically blocks these views from counting.

"In addition, we've put controls in place to help avoid views through the feature counting towards your impressions or click-through results maintaining your insight into how your ads are run across Facebook's platforms. Our goal is to make visible all of the ads connected to a specific Page regardless of who you choose to target. We'll be excluding offer ads you're running from this Page. For dynamic ads, we'll only surface a subset of dynamic ads and they won't be searchable or indexed."

This is somewhat concerning --- hopefully it is being calculated correctly.  I guess we will find out in our ad campaign's data and analytics.

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