Facebook Wants You to Send Them Your Nude Photos

In an effort to combat 'Revenge Pron', Facebook is asking users to send them their nude photos.  Yes, folks this is not a joke.  This is an initiative that Facebook has just launched and is currently testing with it's users in Australia.

Facebook has joined forces with Australian's Government Office of Safety to launch this program.

"These tools, developed in partnership with global safety experts, are one example of how we’re using new technology to keep people safe and prevent harm," said Antigone Davis, Facebook's head of global safety, in a statement.

If users are concerned about someone sending out nude photos of them, all the user needs to do is fill out a form and then send the nude photos to themselves via Facebook Messenger. Facebook will then review and analyze the photos to see if they can find a match in their current Facebook and Instagram database. Interesting...

"This pilot has the potential to disable the control and power perpetrators hold over victims, particularly in cases of ex-partner retribution and sextortion, and the subsequent harm that could come to them," said Inman Grant.

Well, now comes the question.... what could possibly go wrong? *sarcasm*



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